Welcome to MCP .tips

This website is to provide all players and/or investors into Megacryptopolis with the latest information and the very best guides to success. We will also be a portal to other useful resources that can gain you an advantage in this economical puzzle of a game. If you want to make money, you will need to have a good strategy and be able to get the land you need!

What is MCP?

It is a Community driven digital collectibles strategy game, built on the Ethereum Blockchain. This allows many micro payments to occur, resulting in instant Ethereum transfers for every payment you earn. Hard coded into the Smart Contract and it can not be manipulated in any way. Basics: You purchase blocks of land for a minimum of 0.0100 Ethereum

You can see the latest prices for 1 Ethereum below. All you need to do to work out 0.0100 Ethereum is divide the current value by 100

Building in a Virtual Flat Earth will be so much fun!

There are a total of 55 Districts within the world ranging from approx 300 build-able tiles up to 2200!

On the next few pages we will try to explain exactly how to play MCP.

Please navigate to our various guides and resources from the menu above. You can find beginner tutorials to more advanced ones. We are with you every step of your virtual real estate journey.

You can navigate around our tutorials using the menu at the top or each page will have buttons that will take you to the next tutorials.

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