MegaCryptopolis TIPS

This guide is for all players but we start from the beginning and the basics. Megacryptopolis is a blockchain gaming dapp like no other. It is constantly evolving and getting better and better. It started almost 2 years ago with a 2D world and you constructed buildings to gain influence. The game recently updated to include many other features including a micro economy. There are now plans to expand on this micro economy with many new features. This opens up much more opportunity to all players.


The 1st thing you want to do is to visit :

This official guide will get you started an familiarise you with how the many aspects of this game work.

There is also a great interactive DEMO you can use to familiarise yourself.

******VERY IMPORTANT******

For a few months now, since the new Micro Economy was released MCP3D – the way in that we earn influence as changed.

Make sure you read the basics from the guide and demo above…ย  here are a few recent questions I have been asked.

“I have business center and office block, when my citizen’s stamina is low, does it affect the taxes I can earn?”

Answer. YES, they need to always be “rested” when their stamina is low. You can do this with the REST button after ticking (selecting) all the citizens you need to rest, OR by clicking a Supermarket or Commercial building of your choice. You will then see options to rest the citizens you select. Pay the fee and that should be it.. they will then get back to earning you ETHER!

Click here for more questions and Answers…



MCP have made my job very easy producing this in depth guide.. and all you need to know now is:

What Strategy Should I take?

Lucky for you, I have been playing MCP since the very start and I can help. My name is Ispira in the MCP Discord and you might see me around. I am always available to help. Anyway, I will now briefly explain the different strategies you can take:


1) Daily Dividends

This method uses Business Centers and Offices to gain daily dividends from the Tax funds.

NOTE: ONLY a Business Center can collect dividends from Global Tax Fund. Office from District Tax Fund. NO OTHER BUILDING CONTRIBUTES!!


The GTF (Global Tax Fund) consists of every single Business Centre in the game. The more influence you can gain, the more % of the GTF you can be awarded.


What does this mean?

Note: Regions Fund = District Fund



Let’s say you have a level 4 Business Center as in the image below. It is staffed by 7/8 citizens. So it is ACTIVE. If it had less than the minimum citizens, 7, it would NOT be active and you would be collecting NO dividends.

The bar shows only 0.0012 ETH / 0.01339 ETH.

This is your actual amount earned per day in dividends / POTENTIAL earnings.

Why is this?ย  From my understanding, this bar % level depends on 2 factors; Your buildings actual influence, out of potential influence and your citizen stats.

If I wanted to reach my potential daily payout, the 0.01339 ETH, I would need to do 2 things. Improve my Level 4 influence level to the max it could be (perfect influence) and also employ much better staff.. all stat citizen stat levels high, paying particular attention to Intelligence and Charisma as primary goals. All citizen stat levels do however count. You should then see a fuller bar %.




***Global Tax Fund***

“Global Fund is formed by every action performed in the game. Microeconomy features increased periods for the Global Fund distribution that may vary from 90 to 365 days.” (source: Game Guide)

So, if the GTF is at 240 Eth, and it is spread over 365 days, we need to divide 240 / 365 = 0.6575 eth Daily. This is the amount distributed daily to ALL in-game Business Centers. To work out your % share of this is not easy but it is possible, to some extent.

You need to add up ALL the influence points from every “operational” Business Center plus look at the citizens within each, to try to get a rough idea of how much of a share you have. Operational, means there are enough citizens inside for it to function. Min 15 citizens required for a 2×2 Megabuilding. Min 11 Citizens within a Huge 1×2, and the lower levels reduce. I only really count the 2×2 Megas and The Huge 1×2.. and adjust slightly for the lower leveled “active” business centers.

You can get an idea of the total number of 2×2 Mega Business Centers by looking on Opensea.. follow THIS LINK to see.. the filter in the search bar “Business” click search. 49 at the time i wrote this. Then do the same for Huge 1×2’s etc.. take a sample data from 5-10 business centers for Influence Level, Occupied or not, average stats. Then it should give you a good average to work with.

I have done some of this research for you already (10/02/2020) and sampled 19 of these business centers for influence.


From these screenshots of 19 business centres, we can see a few are empty at this time. That is good to know, although that could change at any time. 6 are empty leaving 13 “active” and the average influence of those 13 is approx 85,000 with average citizens.

Citizens stats determine an additional % to a Business Centre. Ranging from all 1’s to all 10’s but giving particular strength to Intelligence and 2nd Charisma, but all stats play a part in the overall score.

From looking at the active Business centres the average was around 6-7 for the main 2 stats. Without looking at ALL the business centres, it is safe to say there are 25 active with average 85k influence and 6-7 average main stats.

Now we need to factor in the Huge and a few smaller ones… Good luck ๐Ÿ˜›

Player Tut-anian kindly shared his Business Center performance with us: (A great model)

This is a highly efficient Business Center

You can take a look by clicking this link:

We can see there are no negative buildings near by but there may be room for more positive buildings. In any case this a high influence level Business Center that is well staffed.

10,000 Energy would cost from the market around 0.015eth and 1700 Water 0.018eth, so to collect this payout, the resource costs are not too bad. 0.032 Eth

0.45764 / 0.73169 Let’s break this down: (approx 70% efficient.)

We know the influence is great.. almost perfect I would say 85% efficient.

This leaves the staffing efficiency.. it is almost impossible at this stage to get 100% staffing.. this would required all 10’s for each 6 stats available! To get 50% at this stage is good!

Tut as done a great job of using high leveled Intelligence citizens, these give the most weight. Charisma is the next important stat. With there being some lower level C – stats the average is around 5 or 6. This will be reducing the payout potential as we see. Also other stats being lower and averaging 30% to 50% are contributing.

I hope you can now get a exact picture of how to do well with Business Centers ๐Ÿ™‚ Also how they can be maximised.


***District Tax Fund***

Same as GTF except it is more regional to 1 District, so this makes it much easier to work out. Check the District Tax Fund amount and it should show you the amount of days set by the District Owner. It might be 30 days for example. So you then take the total DTF and divide it by 30 to get the overall amount paid out to ALL offices within that district.


2) Roulette! Municipal

This next strategy is regarding Municipal buildings. Police, Fire Stations and Hospitals.

The same applies as the Offices, in regards to Influence and Citizen Stats. It is exactly the same but you are hoping to get a share of the Disaster Fund per district. The reason I call this a Roulette, is because you need to cover every eventuality to get a 100% dividend. Disaster strike periodically.. this should soon be on average once per day. When the news feed becomes active, I suspect the disasters will occur more frequently?

So, what is the best strategy.. ? Covering more bases is mine. You might choose a few numbers with high amounts and hope to hit.. how do you play Roulette? Do you do 1/3 chance and place a Police station in every district? Or do you place one of each type in a 3rd of the districts? Do you go for every eventuality and place all 3 in every district!!?

Remember the higher influenced and higher stats, in Luck primarily (of course) Intelligence 2nd give most weight and will get the largest share of the Insurance fund.

The final choice is Business! This will start on a fresh page because there is a lot to cover!