Well, you chose the business route hey, think you can take on the MCP business owners and prosper? It won’t be easy unless you have the skills required and a little Eth behind you… remember this is not an investment opportunity (according to the MCP devs) but let’s just say they are cautious 😉

You will need resources and citizens to start any business… you can purchase packs from HERE or you can go in game and use the in game market. The packs give you fresh A 55 citizens allowing you to breed B’s starting from 1hour intervals!! So a great foundation.

What we have here are many opportunities to run a business.

There are several types of buildings that will use to produce different things. That is the simplest way to put it. You can see a list of these buildings from the game guide

Example: After looking at the in game market and also the OpenSea Market you see an opportunity to breed and sell citizens.

This is a market that many choose. A good place to check who is breeding, is the Opensea Activity Feed


Image Source: Medium post from MCP -- Click the image to be taken to this article

There are some being produced but, how good are they?

Check the stats to find out. You will see many citizens being produced are average stats or low stats, with the exception of a few very high stats. Do you think you could do better here? It won’t be easy at this stage because the best A citizens with 55 breeding (1 hour breed time initially) usually come from packs that are purchased here:

You will also find some A 55 citizens in the markets mentioned but these usually come at a premium.

The Federal packs will grant you the best stat citizens, thus allowing you to produce from a better base stat.

However, do not jump right in!

If you want to to create baby citizens with also good stats it is best to do this within a higher level residential building. There are also 3 different types that each are more favourable to a certain stat. For example, Villa for Intelligence and Agilty. You will need to purchase more citizens (equal male and females) the higher the level of building.

Example: a 2x2  mega building, you will need 10 male and 10 female citizens, to produce 4 offspring.



What this means is that, if you produce a citizen from a Villa, it should give a % bonus stat amount to Intelligence and Agilty. This can be useful should you want to breed citizens for both Production facilitates (Agility) or Offices. You can see a list within this guide for the ideal combinations of citizens to buildings.

Now you have an understanding of what you need, how can you compete? The citizen market is competitive but from my experience, if you want to compete and you have the Ether to purchase what is required, you can easily produce some very powerful citizens.

Does it cost me much to make money here?

A question that many would like an answer to right? Well, look what an active member of the community put together to explain exactly how you can 🙂

Thank you robertih from the Discord channel.

Another great video this time from Discord member Cavan_Mitchell


Property Mogul!

This is simple and just like in the official guide..  purchase or build property and rent them out!

What is the most popular to rent out at this time.. Huge and Mega’s do well. What type?

Why not check how many mega buildings of each type there are?

Opensea  is an amazing tool!  Above image 10/02/2020 stats.

So Energy Mega Buildings seem low right? Is there a reason for this? Maybe there is too much  water and energy to go around at this time? Will these resources run out any time soon?

Could you “invest” into a mega water plant (if you can get hold of the higher resource tiles) and rent it out?

Anyway, you get the idea..  research and find gaps in the market.. hmm MIXING PLANT hmm hmm 😛

Speaking of a Mixing Plant, it brings me onto my next part.


These wonderful buildings are capable of producing some very nice resources indeed. As you saw in the Opensea image above.. there are only 28 2x2 Mega Plants for Industrial in the game.. HERE THEY ARE

So.. why not go check out how many are active?



As you can see I have most showing on that page and you can see there really isn’t that many in the game. You would also need to look at Huge 1x2’s and Level 5’s maybe to see what the competition is really like.

Sand and Stone, at this time of writing, are expensive on the market… I wonder why?



Right, now I want to talk about opportunity. Predicting what might happen in the future and planning ahead could be a wise move. Once we realise things could change in the future, we need to think about how that change might affect the game and everything within it. For example, there was a Speed up mechanic available, that allowed instant production of resources for  slightly higher Fee. Market prices at that time, for Wood where 10X the production costs. The same was true for most resources. Even after speeding up production and creating wood instantly for a slightly higher fee, you could easily beat the lowest market price by LOTS!

So why was this a problem? It allowed some players to produce resources for themselves in abundance and they would never need to purchase from the market! Other players would need to pay much more, resulting in an unfair advantage and many players not in a position to compete. The game would be controlled by a few players and this would be disastrous for the game. It would remove the opportunity entirely for most.

With the removal of speed up does present more opportunity for many. There is now a lack of some resources being produced = opportunity. A good place to check for who needs to buy something is within the Discord channel.

You will see a section BUY SELL TRADE in that players are wanting to purchase resources from other players. The market prices right now for Sand, Stone and a few others are inflated, due to the lack of supply.

Is there opportunity in the Energy Market? Let’s take a look… CLICK HERE