Buying Land

Buying land is very easy once you have everything up and running and you have your wallet loaded with Ethereum. The only difficult time might be when a new district opens and you want to dive straight in for those cheapest land parcels. From experience, it can be quiet chaotic!

Once you purchase, or try to purchase one tile, the surrounding tiles will say PENDING. This means they can not usually be purchased for the advertised price. This is because they will increase in value once your purchase is completed. **TIP** it is however still possible to add extra GAS / GWEI and speed your transaction up, and beat the original sale! If somebody else was bidding on a land tile close by for example.. just because you see pending, doesn’t mean you can’t actually buy them at the advertised price.

An in-depth guide on GAS /GWEI is coming very soon…

The basic version is that you should be aware of the network SAFE GAS PRICE and you can check that at various websites, including

If you are in no rush.. using the safe Gas amount should get you your land fairy quick. Usually within 1 or 2 minutes.

You will know when you have bought the land because it will change to SOLD

Buying land is the only way you will be able to build property and therefor gain influence. The next guide is a basic Influence explanation.


The position that you purchase your land can make a difference now the micro-economy is in place. Depending on what you want to produce can make a difference on where you want a land plot. This is due to this information:

RESOURCES ABUNDANCE: (page 14 in the whitebook)

Every land plot around the Resources Spot will have its Resources Abundance level depending on the distance from the nearby Resources Spot.

Resources Abundance is one of the major factors defining the amount of Electricity or Water a constructed Energy building will produce. Building performance is also influenced by qualification of Citizens appointed to the building as well as amount of Influence Points a building possess.Energy and Water will be required by almost every building to operate in the Microeconomy that will makes them one of the most wanted resources in the game.Most importantly, players will be able to construct a building right on the Resources Spot in the MCP3D that will grant the maximum Resources Abundance possible

***IMPORTANT NOTE*** the Ethereum network will deal with your transaction – and MCP does not control this once you have started a transaction. Make sure you use enough GAS or maybe increase it to speed up your transaction. Also please check your wallet, in case you have have any previous transactions that might be delaying your new transactions.

If you want to learn about how influence is earned, use the button below, otherwise use the menu at the top to find another tutorial.


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