****NOTE**** MCP3D Will not have these dependencies, so you can discard this information once it launches.. until then these are still in play.

Right, this is where it gets complex! Knowing what buildings to construct and where! It can be a minefield but luckily this should help.

When it comes to Dependencies all you really need to do is look at the “required upgrades” and hover over it. it shows you exactly what you need.

Although this is great, it is nice to know what we will need going forward… so somebody made this chart below for your convenience. This covers the buildings you depend on at each level. Knowing how many you need is also worth knowing. I only myself have basic knowledge on this but will do my best to show many builds lower down:


We can see the higher the level the more builds are required and multiples of each! Here are a few examples…



I will try to add more here soon.

Now that we know some of the required building upgrades, we want to know exactly how to maximise our influence from these buildings.

To be honest I am still unsure myself at this stage but I have some experience and other people will be helping me to update this next guide:

Initial Planning