Getting Started with a low budget

How to get started in MCP for as little money as possible

Before I start I want to point you to this amazing article by Discord user KnightAV..

This is something a lot of people will want to know…

The MCP Guide shows you the basics and can be found on the homepage of this website.


There are a few buttons that are important for this..

MARKET… this will let you look through what is available to buy and more importantly to this topic TO RENT! Yes, just like in real life, we get the choice to purchase (usually by lending money) or we RENT.. some call it dead money, that is somewhat true, others like me, call it opportunity!

In order to spend as little as possible, usually renting short term is a good idea. Especially right now with some resources being very high to purchase! Sand for example, right now, 26/02/2020 is not cheap!! You will see this further down as I explain.

OK.. the rental market looks a little like this…

There are also filters, at the top that let you select the LEVEL.. ideally you want a certain level of building to fit your CITIZEN budget. In this case because we are just getting started that might be 1 or 2 citizens? Hopefully to speed things up, it will be more.

Again the MARKET will let you purchase CITIZENS from as low as.. 0.024 Eth (at this time approx $5.50)


Hopefully by now you understand what Stats will help for the type of building you want to rent? If not please see the GUIDE

I hope also you understand that higher level buildings require a higher number of citizens to operate it…

For the following example, it presumes you know.


After studying the GLASS market, it is very slow at this time but with the upcoming news of Car plants, Heli Plants and with Tron World due in the future, GLASS could become a very sought after resource! So this example is more speculative in some regards and will involve a little “investment” at this time. You can however apply this example, to any resource. I would recommend SAND for a more immediate “return” or breeding citizens even!


It costs 0.003 per day x from 1 day to 90! In this example, 30 days x 0.003 = 0.09 (approx $20)

This will allow approx 14- 15 natural production cycles. Speed up might allow more but at this time, I am still unclear)

2 days production cycles.. and above are what it will cost you to yield from ~11 – 91 GLASS.

Using this websites very own Calculator based on the lowest MARKET RATES we can work out the costs in Eth.

The YIELD of 50 is most likely going to be high for lower stat citizens. Average stat citizens should get you ~40-50 with higher stat citizens in Agilty and Strength netting you more like ~65-75



This is what a just below “Average Citizen” looks like.. I am hoping for a Yield of ~35-45, but it could be lower! I will update in 2 days. Please note you will need at LEAST 11 citizens to operate a Huge (Level 6) Glassworks. Max is 15 citizens for usually best results.


OK.. NOW! If we take a look at the current market prices (26/02/2020) you might be wondering if I lost my marbles!



YEP.. you will be saying “Ispira you are CRAZY” right now… we can see the cheapest market prices are MUCH lower per unit than what I can produce GLASS for!!!

This is a valid point. The reason for the very low GLASS cost.. not much is selling right now and many have it left from original pack sales. The other reason.. dumping and a 4th reason is this:

Players are producing their own resources.. i.e. energy, or using what they already have in stock.

So.. it would be much easier right now to just purchase the GLASS from the market at these really low prices.. wait it out and when demand hits.. BOOM!


Look how different things look when you already have the resources!


“So where is this opportunity you tried to tell me about?” I guess this is the question you now have?

The opportunity will come along when GLASS is in demand… just like the Steel Market and even the Brick Market. If you want an opportunity right away.. SAND would be a great option or even Stone.