The MCP Vault and huge opportunity


INSIDE THE MCP BANK – The VAULT contains $MEGA Tokens and Materials.

This VAULT allows players to exchange their Materials, i.e. WOOD and SAND into $MEGA tokens. These $MEGA tokens can then be swapped into ETH or TRX. You can also exchange your $MEGA tokens for the resources in the Vault.


All you need to do now is get your hands on some $MEGA. You can do this by going to Uniswap (Eth) or Justswap (Tron) MAKE SURE to use the link from within the Vault. You can use the SWP button, top right near your balance or the BANK button from the centre middle panel.


You will then see this menu. The GREY Justswap button should take you to the correct place to purchase $MEGA (Trx) or Uniswap will be the Eth link. (make sure pop up blocker is disabled)

You will see the exchange rates for materials and these are dynamic ratios depending on the volume of each added to the vault. ALSO the price of $MEGA will adjust just like on any exchange. Also if the price of Trx or Eth decrease, increase, you will then see a different $ value, of course.




With this vault allowing any player to exchange their materials (as shown in image above) it provides a very liquid market. So no more waiting around with materials on the usual market places. There is always a buyer!!

The price of $MEGA, if many people was to sell it into ETH or TRX might reduce, so people also buying $MEGA is very important, for a healthy economy.



At the time of writing, all the materials in the Vault can be purchased with $MEGA at a lower rate then from the in game market and Opensea. So, if a player wanted to build a Energy building, for example, they would likely use the Vault. They would 1st need $MEGA tokens, so usually they would need to purchase $MEGA. I am going to show some examples of costs, to give players an approx idea of costs and potential earnings.

(Please note this is not financial advise)




Each plot of land in the game allows you to build upon it. Do not just buy a random plot because some land plots can be better than others, depending on a few factors. Depending on the type of building you plan to make, the position can play a role on the eventual Influence Point (IP) and IP can have a positive factor on Output. I will explain more below.


EXAMPLE: An ENERGY BUILDING, for producing Electricity or Water, can ONLY be built on a certain plot. A RESOURCE PLOT. The best way to find a resource plot is to press the “resource overlay” button next to the mini map.

The numbers represent the value from 1 – 10 with 10 being the highest production rate 100% for this factor. There are a few factors to consider.


It is now very difficult or expensive to find a Level 10 plot. Any level will be enough to produce, once you build an energy building and provide citizens to the building.





These 3 factors scale from 1% to 100%.. and the amount of ELECTRICITY or WATER will depend on these factors.

The below screenshot shows a Level 7 Electricity (Energy) scale. min 2857 – 14286 max.

So the 3 factors above will depend on the actual amount collected daily.

The same applies to other buildings BUT no other building requires a Resource plot. This makes it far easier to find a plot. Well, there are still factors you need to consider. THE IP of your potential building.


This page in the official guide explains this well.


Another factor to consider that I have not mentioned yet is the TAX RATES of a district. You can view the Districts and information from the MENU again…

You should see the graphs below showing the different types of buildings tax rates for both Construction Taxes, and Taxes on collections once you start your production.

You want to look for the lowest tax rates, of course! Not only the lowest tax rates matter but also that the owner of the district is active in Discord can really help! Usually a district owner will be a great person to talk to and they can be found daily and are happy to chat. 🙂 Each district does have it’s own channel within the Discord.

You can join the Discord by clicking this link…


To find a GREAT spot that could gain your future building the highest IP, you are best to discuss with the District owners. They might even offer you incentives to build within their district 😉


The next guide will show you the costs to build.. and the estimated potential profit.. CLICK HERE TO GO TO IT