Here you will find the very basics of how to access Megacryptopolis from various devices…

If you plan to play MCP from your PC or Laptop, you will need to use MetaMask. You can find this browser add on/extension from within both Chrome and Firefox browsers. If you are unfamiliar with how to add extensions or add on’s you can use these links to help:





OK.. so search for Metamask, then install this. Now you will need to create a wallet, that you will use to store your tokens and Ethereum. The below website will show you from the beginning…

OK… GREAT!! Now you need some Ethereum… the easiest place I purchase Ethereum from is:  COINBASE

***Using the Coinbase link above will give us both £7 extra credit.***   All you need to do in Coinbase is add your bank details, ie debit card, and purchase Ethereum. Small charges do apply.


For a mobile device go here: MOBILE TUTORIAL


If you are ready on your PC and have Metamask installed, you can carry on to the MCP Basics:   MCP BASICS