Influence Basics


INFLUENCE is a key element to this game. Strategy will play a big role in gaining it! Teamwork will be required, unless you plan to go it alone!

You can get an idea of how influence flows from building to building in either a positive or a negative way.



The reason we need influence is so we can get our daily payouts in Ethereum. There are going to be two “PRIZE POOLS” one for DISTRICT (LOCAL) and one for GLOBAL.


You can find a more in depth guide on TAX here:  TAXES EXPLAINED


From each building or upgrade made in game, a % is collected into each of the two pools. 40% goes into each pool and 20% goes to the game developers.


What we do know is that, what we build and where will determine how much influence we can make. Planning early for this can gain us a big advantage. How do we know what we need to build? You can view our next tutorial to see 🙂


Learn about Advanced Building… ADVANCED BUILDING