In this section we want to understand how buying certain tiles, can be a much smarter move.

A respected member of the Discord group recently wrote the following pricing structure that can help with planning.
Thank you DavidC1 for this:

Level 1 to Mega(7) total approx costs;

***NOTE*** the calculations are per 1 plot.. from level 1 to level 5. To upgrade your 4 plots to a level 7 (Mega) it will cost from 1 eth to 1.5 eth, depending on District tax.

Huge build (level 6) prices not included at this time

****MCP3D UPDATE****

We can build on the resource tiles.. this will gain maximum output in fact!

MCP2D: We can’t build onto a resource tile, but we can build next to them!

This will both, give influence to the resource block and also take influence from it! With each additional build then within range of the previous build, it will increase the influence for all buildings.

You need to continue to either build yourself, or communicate with other land tile owners, to build the most influential buildings in your area. It benefits all players to build positive influence buildings together. PROBLEM… how do you know who owns it???

This is where we can use social media to help. Putting a name to a tile is not easy but there is a chance of finding this person by creating communities.

With over 120 members already, the best place so far is a Facebook group I put together.


You might even be in a position to trade this tile for one you own, if you connect with the landowner 🙂

The next part is explaining more about Building Range and how you can spread your builds out initially and stop wasting time and money.