Land Payouts

In this section we will try to explain the Whitebook in more detail.

One of the most important elements, at this time, is land sales. You will see from the image how these land sales can generate you income from each neighboring sale. It also explains how when 1 land tile is sold, the neighboring land tiles increase in value. The more land tiles sold in a 7×7 region, the more expensive the next within will be. The last tile within a 7×7 area, if no other tiles except land was included, ie all 49 tiles where land, would increase to 7.5 Ethereum. It is unlikely to ever happen because the largest whole land tile area in the game, so far, is 5×5.

Has a land tile is sold, with it increasing the value of it’s neighboring tiles, it is wise to purchase a tile early on, to maximise early returns. However, in some scenarios, it might be worth “investing” into more expensive tiles, for strategic reasons. This is explained much further in our Advanced pages.

If you want to learn about land buying you can click the button now, or carry on reading to see where the money goes.




The price for a land tile will depend on a few things. The very 1st land tile bought from a District in each 7×7 area cost 0.0100 Ethereum + District Owners Tax(DOT). You can see the DOT by clicking any land tile within a district and clicking SHOW DISTRICT

You will then see the TAX % RATE..

In this case 50% DOT

You can also now see how this increased the initial block price to 0.0150 Ethereum. (adding 50% to the original 0.0100 Ethereum)

The district owner then makes the 0.005 Ethereum, and the 0.0100 goes towards a LAND SALES POOL that is divided up and a % given for each Neighboring land sale. Some of the money goes towards game development and the Creators costs etc…

HOW MUCH CAN I MAKE?  This is a good question and one that many wannabe land owners care most about. An example of how we can see our land sale payments is shown in the image below. You can find a button at the bottom right of your screen.

It is safe to say, you will make more neighboring sales, the earlier you buy a tile within a given 7×7 region. Common sense tells us this. You will also make smaller amounts from the cheaper land sales… and they will naturally increase as more and more are sold close by.

Neighboring land sales are great, of course. It is not the essential reason many will purchase land tiles though. From sometime in August, building will commence! For now we need to get to grips with the basics…