MCP Basics

In this section we will explain the basics, from when you first join MCP and see the world map tiles:

And we go on to explain which tiles should be more valuable to you!


So the 1st step, if you haven’t already done so, is to log into the game

If you are on your PC, you will need to be logged into your Metamask wallet, as previously explained…


You will be greeted by this amazing sky scraper and a lot of sold tiles! This is the 1st district ever opened at the end of May 2018!


What you want to do now is, start looking for land. Any grass block, like below, without a SOLD sign on you should be able to purchase. We can’t purchase road, water and forest plots for example.

You will find that usually, land tiles closest to sold tiles will be more expensive.



The newest districts you can usually navigate to via the red arrows.. this is where you might find your cheapest land blocks. Although cheapest is not always best!! I will explain this in the more advanced topics…


So the idea of this game is to become the most influential player within your district and ultimately the virtual flat earth! How do we do this? This is explained in the advanced section.


There is an official Whitebook MCP released to help further…

You view this Whitebook HERE


Once you had chance to read the Whitebook PDF.. We will do our best to explain it in more detail starting with land payouts and how these work.




You can also go straight to the land buying topics from the button below: