MCP3D Alpha (preliminary data)

Some information from the Alpha MCP3D.

***Please understand this information only applies to now and things can change dramatically before the official version is released.***

I think what most people are going to want to know is, how much does it cost to build and upgrade. We can then compare it to today’s 2D version.

**IMPORTANT** District Tax level is set to 50% here…

I am pretty sure the TAXES and FEES might be mixed up.. so we need to wait and see.. it is set to 50% though for all Tax.


You will notice the influence levels stop increasing, this is due to other same buildings being around and includes your 4 same type buildings. Once you upgrade to a Huge or even better a Mega, the amount of same type builds is reduced and your influence will increase.


It appears the Ether costs have reduced to upgrade but now we also need materials to complete the upgrades. Will you produce these yourself, or will you purchase the materials from the market?


BREEDING, Yes your citizens have babies! These babies won’t be free though!

Example of what it might cost, depending on TAX! 50% in this case.


Producing Appliances:

It is looking like anything we produce requires Energy and Water, as well as sometimes other materials too.

The good news is, we can speed up the production time, if we spend more Ether! This is great for speed but the resources for each appliance will need to be found.


Restoring Stamina:

Yes, we can pay to restore some of our citizens stamina! Depending on taxes it is not that expensive at all!




What will we learn in Alpha version 2?

We know that is will be set over multiple districts and we won’t have any materials.. or at least very few to get us started. I presume the tax levels for different types of buildings will be adjusted so that we have certain districts for certain build types. If tax is set to 0% in a district for Residential.. it will help us to breed citizens for less. Etc….