DISLAIMER: With the limited information available at this point, the information contained in this website is purely speculation and things might turn out very different. Do not take this as accurate information and it is just my opinions at this stage.

If you are new to blockchain and MCP you will need to know the basics before going on. You can learn how to set up a wallet and add Ethereum to the wallet, to then get started with MCP3D. CLICK HERE for this information.

Once you have your wallet you will need to purchase land.. CLICK HERE to find basically out how to do this (this guide is for MCP and it appears different now in the 3D world but the concept is the same) **NOTE** The location of your land can make a difference to production. Please make sure you read the whitebook (page 14) to see why.

**NEW** You can also rent land.. so no need to buy a plot and build!!!!

Once you have your land you then need to build in order to gain influence. What you build depends on how you want to earn Ethereum. The basic building guide is HERE (again this is the 2D version guide so it will appear different in 3D)


PLAN BEFORE YOU BUILD! In fact plan before you even buy a plot!

Now before you build, you will want to know a few things:

  1. What materials you require to upgrade your building?
  2. What you want to produce?
  3. How much influence you want to gain?
  4. How many citizens you need?

We do not know at this stage (16.10.2019) what materials we require to upgrade unfortunately. This information will become clear soon.

Depending on what you need or what other people require is a good indication of what you want to produce. It might be water, due to ALL builds requiring water to operate, like energy too. It might be citizens because there is a shortage. Maybe Steel, due to it not being available in the packs and a shortage will occur, due to every building upgrade requiring steel?

You want to gain the maximum influence possible right! How we can maximise influence depends on other buildings around and from what we attach to our building.. from the pack sales. The higher quality citizens should also have a hand in this? Still unclear… will update when it does.

How many citizens you need can be found in the whitebook (page 15)



We can see from the image above (source: whitebook) that certain materials are more complex or are consumables. What does this mean exactly?

It means that the basic materials will be easier to get hold of.. we can simply mine these raw materials. The complex materials we need to craft, or produce in factories. It will be a mixture of the basic materials.


Consumables will be produced in power plants.. and this is where Resource plots might play a very important role. Building on top of the resource plot itself will yield the best results.. depending also on level of building and the amount and quality of citizens.





What does this mean? Well, you need to be careful what district you decide to buy your land and then develop! So this is something else to plan.

Taxes can make a huge difference to your income and outgoings!



This tutorial will walk you through step by step… it is amazing!!