What we know so far might determine how we advance in MCP once the new micro-economy begins in Q4 of this year.

Information from the whitebook and the medium posts give us some basics:

What we know from Medium

Switch a Building Type

An unique one-time opportunity to change a building type will be available during limited time period before the launch of the MegaCryptoPolis 3D.

Due to significant changes introduced by Microeconomy concept one may consider of another building type to be suitable for the new gameplay. Switching that with no additional gas fee was considered to be a good idea. After the building type is defined it will appear on the MegaCryptoPolis 3D Demo map (instead of construction sites) so neighbours may consider making some changes as well.

That will not affect Influence Points in the current MegaCryptoPolis state.

Microeconomy — layer of operations with a new class of collectable assets (Citizens, Pets, Appliances and Resources) to be featured in MegaCryptoPolis 3D.

With the help of upcoming Microeconomy update buildings will be able to produce Resources, Appliances and Citizen tokens. Some collectable assets are unique and can be obtained only during special events. Read more →

That said, “Micro” is not the literal characteristic for the new economy― we believe it may become even larger in terms of overall transactions volume and certain assets value.

The only factor that may have limited MegaCryptoPolis growth so far is building upgrade dependence on surrounding buildings — that will be totally eliminated in Microeconomy.

Resources will be be the major requirement to update a building to a maximum level. One can produce them in special buildings or acquire on the open market from other players.

Citizens will be required for buildings to operate:

  • Industrial buildings to produce Resources and Appliances;
  • Residential to create next-generations Citizen tokens;
  • Offices and Municipal buildings to generate Ether;
  • Commercial buildings to offer services for other Citizens for a small fee in Ether.

Along with the Influence points, Citizen’s qualifications will be the core factor to determine buildings performance in Microeconomy.

  • Strength → suits best Mining and Production buildings,
  • Endurance → Energy and Mining buildings,
  • Charisma → Commercial and Office buildings,
  • Intelligence → Office and Municipal buildings,
  • Agility → Production and Energy buildings,
  • Luck → Municipal and Commercial buildings.

Every Citizen’s qualification may have up to 10 points. Pet may enhance one of the qualification of any Citizen it is assigned to. Original Citizens classification is as follows:

  • Top Manager — Citizen with at least one 8 points qualification;
  • Professional ― at least one 9 points qualification;
  • Executive ― at least one 10 points qualification;
  • Top Executive ― at least two 10 points qualifications in a matching field
    (for example, both Intelligence and Charisma suits Office buildings).
  • Astronaut ― limited pre-order Generation A Citizen with 10 points in all qualifications. Only 10 of them will ever exist.

Citizen without a single qualification higher than 7 points considered to be called a “Manager”.

IMPORTANT: We get to change our buildings from the 1st August

So, what will you change?