New Player Basic Guide

Welcome to MCP3D – The start of a wonderful journey into becoming a property tycoon on the blockchain.

You might have already completed the tutorial here: and claimed your free citizen.

(WARNING: The free citizen can not be transferred, it is locked. This is to stop multi accounting and cheating.)


Before you start please make sure you have read all the available information both on this website and the official guides etc.

If you have, you will know that you require land/building and citizens, to be able to operate.

The cheapest route to operation is usually to rent a building and to purchase a citizen or 2. A level 1 building can operate using just 1 citizen. Usually 2 citizens are more productive.


Choosing the district to operate from can be wise. is the best place to see the tax rates for each district.

You will see that District 42, for example, is tax free for Production and Industrial both building and operating! This can really be great for reducing your spend.

If you are lucky enough to have land here, you can build a level 1  Smelting Plant fairly cheap…

Costs To Build

You will need to 1st buy a plot of land, if you don’t own any. This can range from 0.05 upwards… then you can build.

You will find some information here: to see costs. You can also see what you could produce too. Perfect! Level 1 smelter will produce between 150 and 375 wood…

The image above is in a slightly higher tax district of 40%.. so the fees are more expensive but you can see the materials required to build.

and then using from this website at today’s rates 14/05/2020 – the minimum material costs would be:

so 0.005 (approx) + 0.137 = 0.142 Eth to build a level 1 smelter.

To Rent it can vary:

The 0.0015 per day smelter is a good deal!!

Once you have your building, you then just need to add citizens. There are lots in the market:

These are low stats and cheapest..  0.03 Eth upwards…

To a slightly higher quality range:

0.076 approx..  you can always buy higher stat citizens to increase production, if you have the budget.

If you don’t understand what the stats mean, you will need to go back and read the official guide that can be found from in game or

This guide explains what each stat means and in what building they are most useful. Also a buildings influence level is important to production. Again the guide explains all.



Basically, the higher the influence level of your building + the higher the citizen stats = higher production.