Q and A

Decided to make a page I can keep adding more Q&A’s

“How do I appoint my citizens to a building?”

This might seem basic and if you have played the DEMO you should know. However, many skip it and the game design at this time is not perfect. For example:

Only with the i tab at the top can you see the APPOINT A CITIZEN option.. and of course the + signs work too…



However if you click the Citizen Tab you get this: Woops no way to appoint? This tab only works right now, when you have already appointed.




“Would upgrading to lvl 2 help me increase my tax revenue?”

This of course only really applies to Business Centers and offices.. or even Municipals.. All the others are effected but not for the purpose of “Tax revenue” I will explain:


So let’s start from the beginning… This is what you will need to build your 1st Level 1 Office…



This is why LOCATION IS KEY… The BASIC influence is 200. Then other factors matter, i.e. Residential Buildings around +30 each, Offices, +45 each etc… AGAIN check the original GUIDE for more on this.  (+15 from a level 1 residential, +30 from level 2, etc)

I have just created a level 1 office.. shown below and I chose a location that I think can increase the influence from the start…


You can see from the imagine above that by placing my Office in the location shown in the image below that, Residential buildings around have given me +60 and Offices around +90! This is a great base, to continue developing.



NOW to upgrade to a level 2 office you will again need resources:

You will see how the influence is going to be ~ +100% . You can also see here the resources you will need.

SO, what does this all mean?

YES, it could increase your District Tax revenue by 100% .. depending on a few factors. Offices are the only building that can collect from the District Tax Fund. If another player builds a new Office in the same district as yours and adds the right number of citizens (activates it) your share will be less by X %, If a number of players all add offices, again your % share decreases. I already explained on the HOMEPAGE in depth how your % is worked out.  The other factor is if somebody builds a negative building near to your office.. your influence might decrease!

If all the factors remain the same.. YES you will get a larger share.

This next question is harder to answer:

“What earns more, office block or business center?”

There is no definite answer here. IF you happen to build an Office and upgrade it to Level 4, for example:

…and nobody else owns an Office in the district #122. It would be easy to say, your office will make you 100% share of the divs. If those divs are 1eth over 30 days, in 30 days, if all factors remain the same, you will earn 1eth! Having 300 influence or 3000 influence will not matter here! The chances of you owning the only office in the district is slim right?!

So, what we need to do is this: Try to gain as much influence in 1 district as possible, to get the largest % share… and hope that the district your office is in, develops well so the District Tax Fund grows. So if the fund grows to 10eth, for example, and the payout is over 30 days, and you have (for 30 days) 50% influence % share.. you will earn 5eth over the 30 days. So this would be an amazing return and the answer the question, an Office Block would earn you more.


How do resource plots generate income?

Resource plots can range in strength from 1 to 10.

A RESOURCE PLOT is usually the highest numbers.. in this case 7 and 8 strength. These are very good spots to build Water and Energy Plants. At the time of writing this 27/02/2020, the only 2 buildings types WATER and ENERGY are affected by these numbers. As you can see, the plots around the resource plots are also 6, 5, 4 etc strength. These are also not bad.

Right, so what does this mean?

If you was to build a Water plant onto the Level 8 plot, it would increase the amount of water produced (the yield) in comparison to a Level 7 plot. Other factors will also influence this, of course. Like before the Influence level of the building. So it might be possible to build a Water Plant onto a Level 7 tile and yield more than a Level 8, due to the Influence of that building being much higher. In general terms, a Level 8 plot should yield you more. How much more? Well.. that I do not know. Hopefully we can get some examples from the community.

So, back to the question: It generates us income, by allowing us to hopefully produce more Water or Energy per collection.. resulting in a lower price per unit, that would allow us to sell these units cheaper, or for more profit, potentially.