Town Star Choosing Your Location

Town Star -- Choosing your location on the world map!

Your first tip is to try to find a plot close to a CITY i.e. LONDON.. you will see them on the map if you zoom in. This will speed up delivery times from your town.


With being next to 1 city, you can transport your goods faster saving time. This is crucial but not essential.

You will also see many players choose a location that is next to the Ocean or a River, or Mountains or ALL 3!! That is a great location if you can find it. It opens up many options  that can be a benefit.

Another tip, is the TYPE of land you want your town to be located. Each have pro’s and con’s. There are forest , Plains, Desert, I believe.. maybe more!!

MANY Discord users have amazing tips on this.. ask there.. DISCORD INVITE LINK

I use the location in Blue on the map and you get this…

So plenty of trees and marshy which is good for Water production VERY important and for Lumberjacks to collect wood.. again a great way to get started with this game. 🙂

You can sell the wood for money.. and money is REQUIRED!



In this video it shows I have built a Water Storage and my farmer is collecting water from wells and placing it there when he can’t water any crops. It then shows me selling wood using the Truck. It required 1 gasoline for each sale.. to the city of LONDON! It is quick due to location 😉

NEXT I show you how to make some quick cash! $5k per pond, however, ponds are required later on in the game so choose carefully and depends on your cash flow!

OK farm folks.. in this next section I now have a little more experience.. so I will try my best to get you going and profiting!