Town Star How To Get Started Guide

This guide will help you get started with Town Star. A new game from the Creative Minds behind Farmville by Zynga! A game played by millions!

Town Star Logo

If you love playing Farmville, you can now make money from playing Town Star.

The first step is to click the link below and then follow this guide to get started.




Right.. here we go!

Once you have created your account you can get your own unique link.. share and for every new signup who upgrades their account to Gala + you can earn $5 worth of Bitcoin!

Please note I play this from a PC using GOOGLE CHROMEΒ it is recommended at this stage. Firefox at this stage seems buggy. A fix is coming.

If you play from Mobile.. you will need to use a browser i.e. CHROME to play this. I have no experience with playing from my phone or tablet sorry.


Once you click the link above it will take you to some information about this amazing game. Read it carefully and then when you are ready, click the Try it FREE button.

Now just follow the steps πŸ™‚ Insert your email… then next screen your details


OK, that is your profile done.. now comes the unusual part to most regular game players. This is the BLOCKCHAIN part. And the very exciting part actually.

WHAT IS BLOCKCHAIN? You can learn more about this on this link:

I will now talk you through creating your WALLET. You need to keep these details very safe!

First you need to enter another password for your encryption, to secure your wallet, 1st layer. Please use a different one to your game account password. For security.. although you don’t have to. Recommended to be more secure. Write this down on paper or store it best you can along with the next step..

This next step is your MEMORIAL WORDS.. again you need to write these down or store best you can!! VERY IMPORTANT TO NOT LOSE!

I can not show you my recovery phrase here for obvious reasons. You will need to then confirm you wrote it down or saved it by entering 3 words at random. After you complete this stage.. DYNAMITE!! You are ready to play.

Join the Discord to chat to other players and get even more tips!


This is the screen you will now see. You can play for free do not sorry although of course there is a way to upgrade to a PLUS account for extra early “investor” benefits. You GET STARTED to do this. You will need to use BITCOIN. You will also see at this stage that Beta version starts in 17 days πŸ™‚

RIGHT.. let’s play for free and see if you like.. I am sure you will πŸ˜‰

Click the TOWN STAR banner…

And now the PLAY NOW button πŸ™‚ and let’s get into the game!! PLAY button activates when loaded as below.


You will now be taken to the world map and another VERY important decision… WHAT LOCATION TO CHOOSE AND WHY?