Town Star Starter Guide

You are now logged in and hopefully you understand a little about this amazing new game.

What you want to know now is how to get going and not run our of money! Well I have just about managed this myself. Remember this game is in Alpha and we are all bug testing and balancing the game, before Beta starts and further testing begins!

So this means things are changing daily and what you might need today could be different tomorrow. You can always keep up to date in the Discord channel.

Starter Items:

So, we all start with a Farm House and Farmer who wanders around collecting wheat and using the well to water the wheat, if required. You also get a few ponds dotted around… these ponds can be useful for growing crops because anything planted next to or near by can automatically  get water from them. You will notice the grass is greener around ponds and marsh land. The greener the land the more chance of crops getting some water automatically. This can save farmers time and less wells are required. Wells are also best placed on greener land, because they fill faster.

You also get a store house but this is not really used right away. Just the Silo is used to collect Wheat. The storehouse is used as “cold” storage of eggs, for example.

If you choose to start in the deserts you will notice a lack of marsh land and trees! But you do get an Oil Well, that is useful later on in the game.

You will also notice pastured around.. naturally occurring and these are used by farm animals to feed. More about this later. You may build over pastures if you need to.

This is a typical starting position on any land. So what now?

You will need to keep an eye on your wage bill and how much money you have left. if you can’t afford to pay your workers, they will go on strike! That means game over unless you can generate funds by destroying ponds or buildings!

You will see that you start with Gasoline stored in the Fuel Storage and next to this is your Trade Depot. If you click the Trade Depot, you will be able to sell things. Right away you can sell Wheat (in stacks of 10) for $2000. This is not a bad start and if patient you can profit ok.. but we want to speed things along right?

If there are plenty of tree’s around another good source of income is from wood!

To produce wood you just need two things.. These need to be placed next to a road.

You may also want to grow your own trees… but these require 10 water! A lot of work for a farmer. Again if placed on greener land they may get a little water.

Once you have 10 wood in your wood shed you can sell it for $6000 each time using the trade depot. What I do is set up 3 or 4 areas of Lumber Jacks and Wood sheds.. to cut down natural trees and bring more wood in faster. This works great except you will notice your gasoline getting lower and lower!!

Another decent starting building is a windmill or 2.. once the wood is profiting ok.. you can save for a windmill. You can then press craft and you get 3 options. Flour is the easiest (from my experience) and 10 flour can net you a nice £45,000 per time. The problem is that each flour will require 10 wheat and 3 wood! So upping the Farmers and wheat production is beneficial unless you are very patient.

TIP: building your Silo (for wheat storage) and Wood Shed near to the windmill can save some time. Also note your windmill needs a few spaces of nothing to perform best. If you build close to a windmill it will slow the production time down. Time is money in this game!

With windmills requiring a lot of wheat it might be beneficial to have the wheat growing in your greenest plots.. so they self water and saving farmers time. If not then have lots of ponds around and maybe a water tower too.

Water towers are used by many buildings and can store upto 100 water. Many “workers” including farmers will spend any spare time moving water from wells to these a water tower.

Placement of things like Water Towers is important, as is any building. At 1st you just need to generate profit and save up, so you can then afford to place things for more efficiency.

EGGS are another nice starting product. If you have a lot of fresh pastures (most common in plains) these are natural chicken feed. You will also need to produce feed..  and here is how: What you need…

You need the Ranch House for the Ranch Girl to work. A chicken coop for your little cute chickens and then to produce feed, Feed Mill and then to feed the chickens a trough or pastures.

To make Feed you need the above, 1 water, 2 wheat. Your Ranch Girl will then collect Milled Wheat and take it to the trough or store it in the storehouse. This is where the eggs will be stored too. Once you have 10 eggs.. sell them for a nice profit of $18,000.

Just to note these prices are changing as things balance. $18,000 is low in my opinion because we can sell 40-50 wood in the time it takes to make 10 eggs..

All is going great until…

You start to run out of GAS!!!!

i think once you get down to 15-20 gas, you seriously need to build what is needed to produce it! This can be quiet expensive at this stage.

I managed to afford the items that are:

OUTDATED.. NOTE.. you also now need a Water Facility

Ok, the refinery is what creates our Gasoline.

Click the craft button to start producing 1 of 3 things:


The 1st thing we need to do is to use our Pump to extract crude oil from the ground and then a Worker will come collect this and store it in the fuel storage. You will now need to build a refinery but only onto a Paved road!

Once you have 2 crude oil extracted and stored, it will then be taken to the Refinery and added. You then need water from a Water Tank and also Energy from storage, originally generated by a power source. In the early stages this will be Wind Turbines.

Tip, place wind turbines in a lot of space like Windmills for best results.

Once you have produced Petroleum, you can then switch to making Gasoline 🙂 OR build another Refinery and produce both at once! Higher wages!!