Value for Money

In this guide I want to talk about how to get the most from your money. How to spend less to make more 🙂


You can see from the image below how a level 1 house will gain approx 250 influence points in comparison to a level 3 earning approx 1500 influence points. The influence can also raise to well over 2000 if other builds are around.


So it stands to reason to upgrade on one plot of land when it is possible, rather than buy multiple plots of land and then add low level builds. If we include the cost to purchase new land and then to build on each just a level 1 property, it would cost less to buy fewer and upgrade. A level 4 property will then double approximately to 3000 – 5000 influence, depending on other builds that are around. This will scale all the way up to the 150,000 mark from a level 7 Megabuilding. max of 37,500 per tile! You can see the 150k influence below on “Astralite Tower” 🙂




Well, here is a clue…this is within a 50% tax district (adds on 25% to build costs)


To create a Mega Trade Center, you will need a 2 x 2 of the level 5 Trade Center;

4 x 0.315 = 1.26 Ethereum  —  Then you need to pay from 1 eth (0% district tax) upto max of 1.5 eth (100% district tax) to create the Mega…

So in a 50% tax district, 1.25 Ethereum to Upgrade to the Mega!!


Please note.. This chart skips the HUGE building and goes straight to a MEGA from, 4 –  Lev 5 builds


It would make sense to build and then upgrade your already purchased plots to gain the maximum influence possible from these already purchased plots.



You can see below my last income payment of 0.08796 with just 0.44% of global influence, or 88705 influence points.  An average Megabuilding would bring you this influence.